The Reader of Books

“The Reader of Books” is the title of the first chapter of my favourite book as a child.

Let me tell you a story.

I was 8, or 9 at the time. It was Easter and I have never really been a great lover of chocolate, so instead of an Easter Egg my (now late) Auntie Joyce would give me a book. This year the book was Matilda by Roald Dahl. Back then, it was around 1990, I would find myself re-reading Matilda and everything Dahl ever wrote over and over again. But this was the year that my reading had my mother calling the police.


We lived in a house above a video shop. Patron Video in Brickhill. I lived there with my mum and my younger brother. This Easter, I was utterly elated to receive another Roald Dahl book, and I couldn’t wait to find out how nasty Miss Trunchbull really was. So while my brother were out playing kerby with his friends and my Mum and Nan were preparing Easter Sunday dinner I sat in my bedroom and got lost in the book.

Being a bit a of loner as a child I sit behind my door wrapped in a blanket and read the stories that I’d treasure for the rest of my life. If it was night time I’d use a torch, but my instrument for late night reading was not required as it was about one in the afternoon.

About 3 or 4 hours later I emerged from my little reading pit to find my Mum and Nan standing in the kitchen panicked.

“WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?” my Mum shouted at me.

I literally had no idea what I’d done wrong. I just knew I was in trouble.

“I was upstairs, in my room, reading.”

“We’ve been calling and calling. Barry is out looking for you. The POLICE are looking for you!”

I gulped.

Shit. I now knew what grown ups mean’t when they said “shit”.

As it turns out, I was so engrossed in Matilda that I’d not noticed my family calling for me. And being in my reading pit, I’d also not been noticed by my mum when she checked my room, looking for me.

I got the classic ‘clip round the ear’ole’ and even though my mum was angry, she was more relieved. As it stands, I still received books for Easter and Christmas, but I always kept one ear open.. just in case.

So why the blog?

People are always asking my opinion. No, I’m lying. I impose my opinion on people all the time. I force my boyfriend to see films and watch shows that I know I’ll like so I can talk about them with him.I think it’s clearly because I’ve got such a terrible ego, and I’m a Taurus, which basically means I’m always right.

I love going to the cinema, I go at least once a week. I read books, graphic novels, comics and play video games, and since I spend my working day writing Bids for a medium size company. I thought it would be a good idea to start writing for fun.. and imposing my opinions on the internet. Because there isn’t enough crap on the internet!

So why MEEP?

Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean anything clever. The closest I can get is that it’s the sound Road Runner makes in the cartoons. But it’s catchy-ish …and all the good names were taken.



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