Indoctrination Trailer and Preview

How do you kill an idea?

Michael Moreci and artist Matt Battaglia have been busy, Indoctrination looks amazing. Earlier today they released a trailer and a few preview pages of the political supernatural thriller. (yes, you read that correctly) Due to come out in June,  from Z2 comics, the story is centered on two officers who have to work with a terrorist to bring down a death cult.

I can imagine it’s going to play with many themes including the nature of terrorism and how the human aspect of it. According to reports, it’ll investigate the nature of cults, such has ISIS and explore what makes a person perform horrific acts that are so widely reported.

The book will draw inspiration from True Detective and Seven.. and I for one can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Take a look at these incredible preview pages, and covers of the first 2 issues:

indoctrination_01-02 indoctrination_03-04  INDOCTRINATION_05-06 indoc_01_cover_final-01indoc_02_cover

Original Press Release:

“How do you kill an idea?”

Across the dusty plains of America’s southwest, a deadly storm is brewing. A string of murders portend the sinister designs of an infamous terrorist to bring about the end times. Two FBI agents have heeded the signs, and only their rogue actions—aided by a potentially untrustworthy expatriate with deep ties to the terrorist—can push this darkness back.

This June, comic book writer and novelist Michael Moreci (Roche Limit, Burning Fields) and artist and former political operative Matt Battaglia will unleash INDOCTRINATION, a comic book series about America’s terrifying underbelly—of death cults and sleeper cells, serial killers and apocalyptic nightmares. INDOCTRINATION follows these two FBI agents as they develop a complicated relationship with an infamous terrorist, in an attempt to solve a string of grizzly, seemingly related murders. Mixing elements of True Detective with Seven, this new series from Z2 Comics captures the definition of fear in the 21st century.

“With INDOCTRINATION, we really wanted to create a thrilling, entertaining story that is also a way to explore the reality of death cults like ISIS, and the terror they instill in us which is constantly pulsing beneath the surface of American culture,” says Michael Moreci, a former journalist who recently signed a two-book deal with St. Martin’s Press. “Collaborating with Matt Battaglia has been ideal, because he’s a gifted artist who has also been able to use his background in politics to inform his work on INDOCTRINATION.”

At its core, INDOCTRINATION is an exploration of the power of ideas, and how ideology can drive mankind to act in horrifying ways. The series marks the first full length illustrated comics work of Battaglia who has previously worked for a Washington DC Super PAC.

“With INDOCTRINATION, we’re excited to publish our first modern, politically-minded series,” says Josh Frankel, Z2 Comics Co-Publisher. “The story has serious content, but it is first and foremost a riveting read, with gorgeous, detailed characters who really pull readers into their world.”



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