Kirkman confirms Clementine returning for Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 3

Thanks for Checking in on The Daily Meep; my favourite news story for April 26th, 2016

My favourite video game since it was released is Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 1; At the end of that Game I was so emotionally connected to the character Clementine that I literally couldn’t see the monitor through the tears. It was both devastating and brilliant. No game has ever had that effect on me.

When Season 2 came out, Clementine was a bit older and I played her as having experience and inner strength and as the Season came to a close, I knew I’d miss her.. and I’ve been desperate to see what’s she’s been up to..

.. And we don’t have to wait too long…


IGN posted a video interview with Walking Dead Legend Robert Kirkman, promoting the finale of the Walking Dead Michonne mini-series, which is out today. He also confirmed that whereas Season 1 and 2 were set early on in the timeline of the comics, Season 3 will be closer the current publications; So how old will she be? It concern me a little that Kirkman’s actual words were “checking in on Clementine” which makes me wonder if she’ll still be the hero of the game?? It’s a bit cryptic.. And annoying! According to Kirkman, “…it’ll definitely go hand-in-hand with the comics a little more than Season 2 did”

I can’t wait!!

Check out the video below for the full interview


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