Captain America: Civil War Reviews Round Up

Captain America Civil War arrived in the UK and I’ve been using my Spidey sense to scour the internet to bring you some snippets of the reviews going round.. I’ve not seen this yet (and I’m annoyingly not going until Sunday as I’m an IMAX purist and was somewhat lazy when it comes to booking tickets)

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War Spider-Man/Peter Parker (Tom Holland) Photo Credit: Film Frame © Marvel 2016

So, long story short. This film is reviewing very well. At the time of writing, it has a metacritic score of 81. With 17 critics reporting in..

Robbie Collin – The Telegraph – 5/5 – “Marvel’s best film so for”

Peter Bradshaw – The Guardian – 4/5 “It’s a huge aspartame rush of a film: a giant irresistible snack, not nutritious, but very tasty.”

Justin Chang – Variety – 4/5 – “‘Captain America: Civil War’ doesn’t break the mold; it burnishes the brand, and sets a high but not insurmountable bar. Let the games continue.”

Jordan Farley – Total Film – 5/5 – “The superhero slugfest this summer deserved.”

David Ehlich – Indie Wire – Grade C – “The Marvel Cinematic Universe doesn’t get much better than this — and that’s a big problem.”

David Jenkins – Little White Lies – 3/3/3 – “Captain America isn’t fighting for freedom – he’s fighting for the franchise.”

Jim Vejvoda – IGN – 7.8 – “Captain America: Civil War can’t quite recapture the emotional and cerebral strengths of its predecessor, The Winter Soldier. “


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