New Comic Lonesomes on Kickstarter now

Ryan Little has been publishing comics for two years and has contributed to independent anthologies likes Steam Punk Originals, Santa’s Favorite Tales,  and, most recently, Death Saves.

He’s bringing his most recent work, Lonesomes to kickstarter and with 8 days to go (as I write this) Ryan is seeking backers to bring this project from screen to paper.

Writer, Ryan Little

Lonesomes tells the story of a group of lonely kids who discover mystical creatures called Lonesomes that are drawn to their unique loneliness. Together, they delve into the world and lore of these creatures while simultaneously learning about themselves.

The premise is inspired by “collectible monster genre”, think PokemonDigimonYokai Watch, etc and the Japanese influence permeates this western-set story.

In Ryan’s own words “I grew up in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania as an avid comic fan. Through my teenage years I fell in love with the hyper imaginative world of Manga. I think Lonesomes is a combination of those two loves”

Go and check out the kickstarter page – and why you’re there, why not throw him a few dollars/quid? You’ll find loads more information along with info on both Ryan and the artists; Pencils and Ink – Eder Messiahs and Colorist – Fahriza Kamaputra.


concept art



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