“Outcast” Premieres TONIGHT (May 20) on Facebook (Updated)

(UPDATE) Fox UK have confirmed that preview will only be shown in the UK/Ireland

Original Article Reads:

Here’s a ‘wasn’t expecting that’ bit of news.

Fox on Facebook will be streaming the first episode of the highly anticipated “Outcast”, on Friday at 9pm. The latest comic adaptation is from Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead) and Paul Azaceta. Outcast’s hero is Kyle Barnes (Patrick Fugit) a man who’s loved ones have suffered demonic possession most of his life. With the help of Reverend Anderson, they work to uncover the truth behind the horror.

I’m a huge fan of the comic book series. (still looking for a first print of #6) and I can’t wait to see this…

Outcast Premier.jpg

But facebook? really? I’m not always critical about stuff like this, but I just hope that it’s streaming at a decent resolution… anyway.. I’ll be watching and will post a full review over the weekend.

In the USA, Outcast premiers on Cinemax on June 3rd. The UK get’s it from 7th June at 10pm…

In the meantime; here’s a the full trailer..


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